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What 2015 holds for internal communications

10th April 2015

Predicting trends is always difficult, but having looked back on our
2014 predictions, we’re pleased to say, by and large, we weren’t too far from the mark. Perhaps in general just a tad too optimistic!
It’s why our 2015 TRENDS share some similarities with 2014’s, albeit 2015’s are a significant step forward, representing the year that stands between the two and the quickening pace of change.
It should come as no great surprise that ‘Collaboration’ and ‘The Digital Workplace’ are our key trends this year and the drivers of all the other trends.
We hope you find our ‘WHAT 2015 HOLDS FOR INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS’ eBook interesting and useful, and we welcome any feedback or questions which you may well have as a result of reading it.


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