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Resource: A Video Production Briefing Template

16th March 2018

In a previous post we took a look
behind the scenes of the video production process. Detailing the steps we feel require well spent attention if success is to be achieved with video.
One of the things we touched upon was the brief. Identifying the key elements that it’s made up of.
While it’s good to know what should be included within the brief. We thought it would be so much better if you actually had a brief, made up – that you could put to good use.
And so… we’ve put together a very simple Video Production Briefing Template, that you can use the next time you have a video project to work on.
This template is what you will fill out at the very beginning of your project. And will be used to ‘brief in’ the creatives / video producers – who will then challenge and come back to your brief with any further points.
So, this one is on us. You can view the template, and download it below.
And of course, once you’ve filled it in, feel free to send it our way 😉
Until next time…


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