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Using email to communicate with a large employee group.

7th January 2015


We’ve got a very good, close working relationship with one of our larger clients. And so they often just pick up the phone to ask us quick questions. The other day we got a call asking us:    


“What’s the best way to send emails out to a group of recipients (50 people or so), and at regular intervals throughout the year?”



Our answer…

Firstly it’s great that the client was investigating whether there was a more efficient and effective method for sending regular mass emails out, other than just through their existing email client. Larger organisations will likely have enhanced email platforms, such as Newsweaver  or HubSpot in place to assist them for when they are sending out important email blasts. But now, and rightly so, organisations are trying to limit the amount of email blasts and so employees often need to have a very strong and essential business case for using them.



But by using their existing email client, communicators are missing a trick – Analysis. Analysis is a key component of the platform that we recommended to our client. The platform? MailChimp.



We regularly use MailChimp, sometimes for internal agency emails, but chiefly for our monthly email newsletter – Well we say newsletter, it’s more a monthly update on the internal communications world, so not our news at all. It’s a helpful little email, so feel free to sign up to it (in the grey box at the top of this page), and if you find it’s not to your liking you can always unsubscribe…




Subscribing and particularly unsubscribing are other great features offered by Mailchimp. Employees get an overload of emails, so if they are receiving a regular email that isn’t relevant to them anymore, then it makes sense to give them the opportunity to unsubscribe, helping them to reduce the amount of emails they receive, and providing the sender with a more relevant list. Alternatively, if the employee discovers an email of interest, they can easily subscribe to it.




Analytics however, is arguably the best feature of MailChimp. It allows you to see who opened your email, what they clicked on within it, what time they opened it, how many times they opened it, and where they opened it (location) from. Nowadays, sending out regular mass employee emails, without the subsequent tools in place for measurement, is simply unacceptable. Measurement is key to refinement and improved success.



List management

It’s very easy to import a list of contacts. You can even upload them from other external products, such as Excel for example. Once your contacts are within Mailchimp, you can then manage and organize them to create lists that the emails are ultimately sent to, which through the use of scheduling can be sent without you needing to push the button.



Template design

You could just send a simple plain text email with no pictures or formatting – Nothing wrong with that at all. But you could elevate your email by sending a nice looking HTML one. You can either take advantage of MailChimps existing catalogue of email themes, pick from a range of simple templates which involve drag and drop functionality to build your own (no experience or coding ability required), or you could get a professional to code one, which can then be dropped into MailChimp and saved.




You can also access and send emails anytime and anywhere through your mobile device. And in turn recipients can view the email on any device due to its responsive nature.




MailChimp offers you previews on the fly, and shows you how your email will be displayed on mobile devices too. It’s very easy to send test emails to any address, so you can be completely confident before sending.




Another important feature of MailChimp is that it is free to use for up to 2,000 subscribers. A great size for employee email campaigns that don’t warrant the use of a paid professional email platform. Although MailChimp does offer professional (paid) capabilities.    




Hopefully it's now clear as to why we recommended Mailchimp to the client. Importantly it’s intuitive enough for anyone to create an email campaign, and offers excellent analytical capabilities to further aid success. But please do get in touch if you need help with the planning and managing of an employee email campaign, or the designing of a more custom template design.


Until next time…







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