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Employer Branding. What it is, why it’s needed, and how it needs to be done.

Employer branding is what all organisations need to focus on in the age of transparency, social media, employee advocacy, and the war for talent. In this post we also look at how it can be done…

Strategy - 5th May 2017

The Employee Experience

Designing a compelling customer experience is what all organisations have – for many years – been focussed on achieving, driven by digitisation and the subsequent vast array of touch-points through which customers can interact with a brand. Now it’s time organisations did the same for their employees. Here’s why and how…

Strategy - 16th February 2017

Why Internal Communications needs to become ever more of a strategic function

2017 has to be the year Internal Communications focusses on being far more strategic. In this post we explain why, and how this can be achieved.

Strategy - 19th January 2017

Why there’s a need for Internal Communications to re-focus on managers.

When it comes to identifying the drivers of employee engagement, numerous studies, organisations and foremost thinkers all recognise there being one single most important variable: The quality of the relationship between employees and their direct managers or supervisors. Yet managers have been neglected. Here’s why in 2017 this needs to change…

Culture & Leadership - 6th January 2017

The direction employee feedback needs to be heading in

In this post we identify why and how employee feedback needs to develop. In light of the importance of employee engagement, new generational requirements, and the influence new technology is having. Exciting times lie ahead for employee feedback. Discover the key areas to focus on in this post.

Strategy , Culture & Leadership - 1st December 2016

Why you need to be mindful of collaborating too much

Collaboration has been the golden child of the business world for many years now. But is its reign over? Collaborative overload has become a huge problem. We look at why, and the solutions to it.

Culture & Leadership - 3rd November 2016

Wearables in the enterprise…

Our guide to what you need to know about wearables in the workplace…

Digital - 7th January 2015

Using humour for internal communications…

Using humour in internal communications can be very powerful. However there are a few things that you need to consider for success…

Strategy , Culture & Leadership - 7th January 2015

The interactive features available to you for your digital publications, when using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Adobe DPS is our preferred digital publishing solution. Here we look at what can be achieved, by examining the available features…

Digital - 7th January 2015

Ebook: What 2014 holds for internal communications.

This ebook looks at what we think the year ahead (2014) holds for internal communications.

Resources - 7th January 2015

Engaging employees in CSR activities…

Organisations now know the importance of undertaking CSR activities yet the very best, now know the importance of engaging their employees on the CSR activities. Here we look at why and how…

Strategy - 6th January 2015

Creating Employee ambassador programs for internal communications

Here we look at the advantages of employee ambassador programs and best practice for when designing them…

Strategy - 6th January 2015