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7th January 2015


Digital tools and technologies are transforming the workplace of old, but the abundance of these available new tools means there has to be ever more scrutiny on there suitability, to ensure they will actually improve the employee experience and benefit the business.



The problem

One tool relatively new to the enterprise market is social networking. Social networks aid collaboration and so, far more content is being shared amongst employees – whether it is links to web articles, blog posts, a white-paper, or company literature such as sales materials.


There’s no denying, internal social networks are great, but coupled with the fact that employees are evermore squeezed for time, content can either damage productivity or become ineffective as it remains unread.


Now, you‘ve likely read your fair share of articles that had a few key points within them, but were padded out and talked around in order to make it seem that the piece had been given sufficient attention by the creator. We’ve all been guilty of that…



The solution

Ready? A key point is on its way…


“ turns text heavy articles and websites into easy to read summaries. Save it for later and share with your team.”


You can then create categorised canvasses – made up of your ‘skims’ – around topics, which you can share with your team allowing them to add to your canvas too. hasn’t been created specifically for the enterprise mind you, as it is available for anyone to use, although it does have the ability to make canvases (and so the accompanying 'Skims') private, so even at this early stage it can be said to be enterprise ready. But we do think may well make a stronger play for the enterprise market. There are a number of reasons as to why we think so…




The majority of employees now use mobile devices in the workplace, whether personal (BYOD) or company supplied. It is becoming the tool of choice for the consumption of information, and so heavy content is not ideally suited to employees who are evermore on the go (mobile). recognises this changing behaviour, and so makes information sharing and consumption far more efficient, leading to a more informed, educated and productive workforce.




Admittedly, ‘wearables’ is somewhat of a buzzword at the moment, with it receiving a lot of early hype. But with all the major players now releasing wearable products, it is hype that looks set to materialise. Especially so, we feel for smart watches. again would work well on this platform, with delivered information needing to be kept to a minimum – the essence of



Future of reading

Our final point is to do with another new technology that would further enhance’s relationship with mobile and wearables. The new technology looks set to revolutionise the way we read on our mobile devices, by flashing up one word at a time at a fast speed. Think how quickly you could comprehend a piece of communication, and from wherever you may be. Take a look at the below video and give this new reading experience a go.

You can sign up for here. It’s free, so why not try it out in a small company team and see how you go; we think you’ll be surprised as to just how much of a help it could be.


Until next time…




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