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Why top talent is fuelling the rise of In-house creative teams, not just brands

31st August 2018

We’ve written a fair amount now about brands bringing creative and design in-house. Mainly because building in-house creative teams for brands is what we do, but also because it’s a huge trend – with brands seemingly every other week announcing how they’re bolstering their in-house creative capabilities.
It’s an ever-evolving landscape; some brands have ‘on-site agencies’ as their in-house team. Others have decided to build their teams themselves, organically – much like Pernod Ricard recently announced they are doing. Then there are others who incorporate a bit of both through a hybrid approach.
While most of the conversation seems to be on how brands by shifting their budgets from agency to in-house is what’s fuelling the rise of in-house creative teams; brands are of course also reliant on the creative talent at their in-house disposal. And so fortunately, top quality creative is now being attracted in-house for a number of reasons – reasons we will quickly identify below – and so adding even more fuel to the in-house creative fire.

Reasons top creative talent is now being lured in-house:


1. No pitching.

New business has become a huge part of the role of a creative – often taking them away from focussing purely on solving creative problems and simply making creative stuff.

2. Work-life balance.

The agency life really is all-consuming. Client side does bring you closer to the 9-5 dream.

3. Better access to, and understanding of the client

The best work always comes from this position.

4. Not concerned about agency revenue – focus solely on the right idea

Agencies are of course in the business of making money, and so they may propose ideas that are bigger than perhaps they need to be. Alternatively, brands may be reluctant to pay big agency fees. The stable (yes, additional outsourced resource may be required at certain times) overheads of creative talent means time can be spent focussing on the right idea.

5. Solving the underlying business problem.

Removing the organisational boundaries of truly getting under the creative brief to identify and solve the real business problem. Creatives ultimately want to make a difference with their work, and so being able to solve the real business problem allows them to do so.

6. A long-term relationship

Having a real, long lasting relationship with the client, where the creative is respected. Not being constantly worried they’ll be sacked, and having to pitch every other week to justify themselves. Again, great work comes from trust.
Sold on an in-house creative career now? Well, as with any career move, it’s always worth having someone give you a few pointers that might help. Not exactly ‘the cons’, but things to consider…

4 things that creative talent needs to consider when looking at moving in-house:

1. It really must be a company that values creativity. Otherwise creative talent will always feel like they are constantly battling their creative case (justifying the need for it), which will inevitably lead to frustration and leaving them feeling isolated within the organisation.
2. Many would argue that working in-house for an organisation that has a variety of brands, and so offers a lot of different creative opportunities (somewhat mirroring agency life) is the ideal.
3. However, point 2 can be quite rare. And so creative talent should focus on finding brands that they are passionate about. As this passion and drive will ensure that working on a single brand doesn’t lead to ‘creative death’.
4. Arguably working in-house is not the best place for junior creative talent – as the in-house model is a much leaner structure. Therefore it’s advisable for junior creative talent to cut their teeth in the agency world first.


There you have it – why it’s the creative talent that is now recognising the benefits of working in-house too, and so further driving the growth of in-house creative teams.
And so, whether you’re a brand looking to build your in-house creative team with top quality talent, or top quality creative talent looking to work in-house – we’d very much like to hear from you.
Until next time…


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