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6th January 2015


All attendees are likely to bring a smartphone to a corporate event – Either one supplied to them by their organisation, or a personal device that they use for work purposes (BYOD). And if they are attending an event of a forward thinking company, the chances are that their smartphone will be housing an app specific to that event.
Now, the corporate event app could be a one off app, developed for a specific event, that can be shelved and disposed of once the event has run it's course. There is nothing wrong with a disposable app approach. If an app serves a purpose and meets its objectives, it has done its job and so it's build and deployment is justified.
However, the benefits of creating a company app that isn't used for just a single event, but instead is the hub for all company events, in our view, are much greater. And so while the below five advantages of an event app can also be applied to a disposable app, they become even stronger benefits when they are being used to champion the creation of a multi-event app.


Often the sole reason people attend events is for networking opportunities. An app can integrate social features that allow attendees to see who will be attending and to hold social conversations prior to the event and plan real face-to-face communications that will occur at the event, and the conversations can be carried on – through the app – once the event has finished, especially so when the app is being built to last.


We’ve all been to events where upon arrival we’re given a feedback form, and on departure – often with the incentive of a goody bag – we’re asked to return the completed form (s). It’s a hassle, and one that everyone rushes to finish; without giving it much thought. An app offers the ability for attendees to provide feedback in real time, maybe not just on the quality of the event, but on key issues that speakers require audience feedback on. And attendees can give overall feedback on the event whenever they like, with reminders sent to them if they put it off for too long.  
Apps offer the chance for continued evaluation and so therefore constant improvement and ultimately improved effectiveness.


Mobile devices are becoming the primary tool people are using to engage with brands, either through accessing social networks to interact with the brand, or downloading and using dedicated brand apps. Apps are also growing in importance in the enterprise, with employees turning to them for company information and resources.
Apps are therefore perfect for events, as in simple terms they give the user the ability to dig deeper on the event topics that are of interest to them. The supply of extra narrative or interactive content can be consumed in real-time, so enhancing their event experience, and strengthening their relationship with the corporate brand.
As well as attendees accessing content in real time, event organisers can deliver fresh content in real time too, so keeping attendees up to date with any event changes that may occur.


Linked to engagement and content, an app provides a central channel for all of the event information to be delivered through. This makes life easier for the event organiser as it’s a much more manageable resource, and also it becomes a great tool for attendees to refer to in order to obtain any event information they may require before, during or after the event. Plus, when this app has a number of different events housed on it, it becomes a much more valuable tool. And it’s a little easier on the environment; given there will be no such things as paper feedback forms to fill in…  


Although this isn’t exactly a benefit to be shouting about, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be one of the first things that the leaders – The ones who make the decision on whether a corporate app should be built or not – will be asking. So you need to reinsure them that it is a key element of the app that you will be focusing on.
There are many turnkey solutions that you can use to create a corporate event app. But beware, security has been revealed as being an issue with some of these.
Securing your app is fundamental.


There’s no doubt, apps are revolutionizing and enhancing the event experience for attendees. And hopefully you’re now equipped with the information and confidence to persuade the powers that be, to build one for your next event (s). And when you do get the green light, get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help!
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