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Communicating your company’s vision with your employees

16th December 2015

The need for an organisation to have a clear vision has always been of the utmost importance for achieving business success.
However in more recent times, far greater emphasis has been placed on the need for organisations to better articulate their vision, and with one audience in particular – employees.
A clearly communicated, shared vision helps employees to better understand their purpose in the organisation. This is hugely beneficial as a sense of purpose is a key motivator and so helps to create high levels of employee engagement.
In addition, when everyone knows their purpose and the goals both they and the organisation is working towards (the vision), the business becomes much more aligned, leading to smarter more efficient ways of working.
Now we’re going to touch upon the key ways in which an organisation can effectively communicate their vision with employees.

Senior Leadership

While there has long been talk of a need for organisations to be free from hierarchy, senior leaders continue to play crucial roles. This is especially true when it comes to gaining employee ‘buy-in’ for the vision.
Senior leaders should of course be communicating through – ideally – their own blog, videos on the intranet, within town hall meetings, and through presentations, amongst others. What is important when they do though, is for all of their communications to be closely tied to the vision.
For example, any feelings of apprehension felt by employees from business change, can be greatly reduced when they are communicated in such a way that they tie back to the vision. It allows everyone to have a clearer understanding of the reasons for the business decisions.
Leaders need to consistently articulate openly and honestly about how the organisation is trying to achieve the organisations ultimate vision.


Closely linked to Leaders are managers. Managers, if you like, make the vision relevant to employees. They provide the guidance and direction on how employees should be working day-to-day in relation to the vision – although, managers do need help with this.
Over the years we’ve created many leaders toolkits. Toolkits provide support for managers, acting as a reference guide full of all the need to know information and resources needed to help them improve communications with their direct team.
Managers are those who help bring the vision to life for employees on a day-to-day basis.


As well as toolkits, there are a number of other very useful communication materials that organisations should look to create to help them better express their vision.

1 . Vision book

In essence, a vision book puts down in writing the vision, and the values that should be followed when working towards it. Having something that an employee can easily turn to, to remind them of the vision, can be an extremely useful and powerful communication tool. Distilling a vision into a few pages helps bring great clarity, as often the intangibility of a vision can lead to employees overcomplicating the vision, leading to a level of misunderstanding.
Vision books are great to give to employees as part of their on boarding process. For example, M&C Saatchi gives each of their new employees ‘Brutal Simplicity of Thought’ it clearly articulates the values of the agency and their vision.
A vision book can also be created and disseminated during times of great change within an organisation.
While these books could be lengthy, we’ve found they work best when they are short, to the point and visually engaging.

2. Employee Magazine

We gave attention to the benefits of the employee magazine in a previous post, which you can read here. so we won’t go into too much detail now.
In simple terms, the employee magazine helps to show the vision being bought to life. It shows how each employee or team is helping to achieve the vision, and importantly it helps to keep the vision continually on the minds of employees.
The employee magazine takes the vision book on a step, helping to bring the vision – and values of the vision – to life.


The best companies don’t just have a clear, strong vision, but they also ensure that they are communicating it in the best possible way, with focus on their most important audience – employees.
If you would like help in communicating your vision more effectively to your employees, then please do get in touch.
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