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Why Video Format is just as important as content, for effectiveness

In this post we identify why focussing on video format is just as important as the content of the video, for effectiveness…

Uncategorised - 22nd October 2018

What feedback must focus on, to be effective…

With an ever-expanding ‘advice driven culture’ we now seem to live in, and the growing abundance of communication (feedback) channels. It’s more important than ever that we focussed on how to give feedback effectively…

Uncategorised - 1st June 2018

The changing role of Community Managers

We take a quick look at the changing role of community managers and why we think brands should now be thinking about bringing them in-house…

Uncategorised - 15th May 2018

Is there still value in chasing a Facebook Page Like, for brands?

The titled question is one that is pretty difficult to answer, and divides opinion. So in this post, we’re going to lay down 6 points to help you firm up your own view on this long-standing social metric.

Uncategorised - 24th April 2018