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Video: Getting a bang for your buck

Just how do brands go about getting a bang for their buck when it comes to video? Here we reveal the two distinct areas worth looking at to do so…

Digital - 30th July 2018

Just how important is the ‘first 3 seconds’ of a social media video?

For some, when creating a video for social media focussing on the first three seconds is crucial. For others, not so. Here we look to provide some answers…

Digital - 28th June 2018

Why you should be making more ‘Short Form’ videos, and how…

We’ve noticed an ever increasing rise in the use of short form video – here’s why that’s happening and how best to approach them…

Digital - 10th June 2018

Resource: A Video Production Briefing Template

Here’s a verysimple Video Production Briefing Template, that you can use the next time you have a video project to work on…

Digital , Resources - 16th March 2018

Video production: Behind the scenes

The success of any video is dependent on the work that goes on behind the scenes. And so we thought we’d share with you the areas to focus on in order to create the best performing video possible.

Digital - 14th February 2018

Two simple and important takeaways from Facebook’s recent algorithm change, for brands.

In this post we identify what we believe to be the two key takeaways from Facebook’s recent algorithm change, and what this means for brands.

Digital - 28th January 2018

What you need to know about Ephemeral Content

We reveal what Ephemeral Content is, why it’s ever growing in importance. It’s benefits and how to use it effectively…

Digital - 29th December 2017

A guiding principle to follow for when creating content for Social Media

Here is a guiding principle that seems to grow in importance with every social media campaign we work on. And one everyone should follow.

Digital - 1st December 2017

What to look for in your Instagram content

The second article in our series looking at Instagram content, and the factors to consider in order to create the most compelling content possible.

Digital - 16th November 2017

6 visual principles to bear in mind when creating content for Instagram

When it comes to creating content for Instagram, there are some longstanding design principles that should be followed for success…

Digital - 2nd November 2017

The different ways of using video for social media content.

We reveal 9 different ways of producing video for social media…

Digital - 17th May 2017

Digital Trends for Internal Communications in 2017

The following is the full version of the ‘Digital Trends’ section in our annual ebook: ‘Internal Comms Trends 2017’. Here we outline the six key trends to keep an eye on with the Digital Workplace.

Digital - 6th February 2017

Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

Talk of Artificial Intelligence – or AI as it’s more commonly called – is everywhere. It promises untold benefits. In this post we look at AI through the lens of the workplace paying particular attention to how it could impact upon the internal.comms function.

Digital , Culture & Leadership - 15th December 2016

Benefits of using Animated Video for Internal Communications

In this post, we first run through the key reasons as to why you should use animated videos. Following on from that we’ll identify the things you should consider before you get animating – All in an attempt to convince you of the merits of animated videos. And to get you well prepared for when you approach creating one.

Channels , Digital - 20th October 2016

Future Thinking: Chatbots for Internal Communications…

Here’s a little bit of future thinking, on something we do feel will play a big role in internal communications in the future. Chatbots.

Digital - 26th May 2016

How you should approach the use of video for internal communications

With internal communication budgets being frustratingly ever squeezed, it means the business case for any piece of internal communication is of paramount importance. Proving the business case is one of four key elements that we believe you need to focus on when shaping your video strategy – key elements that we will go through in this post…

Strategy , Digital - 15th April 2016

Why recent security breaches should force organisations to think internally…

Recent data breaches at both Marks & Spencer and British Gas have shown that the threat of cyber security is not only external but internal too.

Strategy , Digital - 7th November 2015

Why you should be using 3D design in your creative projects…

Here are some of the reasons why we’ve been doing more and more 3D design work for our clients – And why you should be using it more too…

Channels , Digital - 26th March 2015

How internal comms can benefit from using big data…

Big data analytics holds the same huge potential inside an organisation as it does outside…

Digital - 12th March 2015

Wearables in the enterprise…

Our guide to what you need to know about wearables in the workplace…

Digital - 7th January 2015

The workflow between an agency and a client for creating a digital publication, using Adobe DPS.

The workflow between an agency and client when creating a digital publication is tricky. Here we give an overview of the approaches available…

Digital - 7th January 2015

The interactive features available to you for your digital publications, when using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Adobe DPS is our preferred digital publishing solution. Here we look at what can be achieved, by examining the available features…

Digital - 7th January 2015

The five main things clients need to plan for when creating a digital publishing app for internal communications.

The saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ holds true for most things, especially so for app development…

Digital - 7th January 2015 Anew tool that could be a welcome addition for both internal communicators and employees alike.

What with an abundance of information now available, tools such as could be welcome additions to the enterprise…

Digital - 7th January 2015

Event Apps…

Apps are becoming vital components of an event. Here are the main reasons as to why your next event should include one…

Digital - 6th January 2015