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Why you should be using 3D design in your creative projects…

26th March 2015

In more recent times when we’ve presented an idea or explained a concept, we’ve likely done so through the use of 3D design. This has led to clients requesting more and more design work to be produced in 3D, as they recognise the benefits of doing so.
Here are some of the advantages and reasons why you should consider using 3D design for your creative projects:

It can convey concepts that are difficult to visualise

A client was working on a concept car. However they were finding it difficult to visualise the car when viewing the flat 2D illustrations, of which there ended up being many. Through 3D design we were able to easily create the concept car, allowing the client to view the car from every angle – Below is one view, we were able to piece together a series of views, to create a full 360 degree video.
3D design is therefore great to use when working on concepts that are still under development. One area where this is especially true is exhibition design.

The days of showing the client flat graphics and asking them to visualise them ‘on that wall’ or ‘in that space over there’, thanks to 3D design, are well and truly over.

3D renders – and the use of animated ‘walk throughs’ – of an event/exhibition space have become a crucial part of the exhibition design process. The 3D models often bring to light inconsistencies in branding, graphics that aren’t attention grabbing enough, issues with space, and lighting problems etc. Solving all of these issues within the design process and before physical construction can save a lot of time, effort and money in the long run. Not to mention, it will improve the final design of the exhibition and so ultimately its effectiveness.

3D design allows you to easily create something that would be very difficult to build in real life

A client came across some clay models, which they liked, and wanted to recreate this look for some internal communication materials. However, to do this would have been very difficult (time consuming, expensive, and highly skilled) and on top of that it would have then involved photography. 3D became the perfect solution. It made the whole process far easier, quicker and more affordable, resulting in the client being extremely happy with the resulting models.

To conclude. The use of 3D design can greatly improve creative projects by:

– Communicating concepts more clearly and quickly (helping to reduce approval time).
– Ensuring the design is free of errors, and conversely helping to identify ways to maximise design effectiveness.
– Helping to capture attention – especially so with 3D animations – due to their dynamic and engaging nature.
– Making communications feel technologically advanced, which can positively affect brand image.
Finally, to point out; In today’s world the cost of 3D design is now not a prohibiting factor. Advancements in 3D design programs and processing power means often it takes just one of our designers to produce 3D work and in a relatively short space of time – work that can stand the test of time and be used across a range of online and offline communication platforms.
Hopefully if you weren’t clear on the usefulness of 3D design, you now are. To discuss the use of 3D design in your next creative project, please do get in touch.
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